Com Port Interfacing In Java | Serial Port Communication In Java | USB Port Communication


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Title:Com Port Interfacing In Java | Serial Port Communication In Java | USB Port Communication

Domain: Java With Embedded

What is Com port?
A com port on a computer is simply a communication port. It is usually a serial port found on the computer. It is used for a number of activities with the main one being communication between external devices and the computer. It is made of nine pins.

What is a Serial port?
An Asynchronous port on the computer used to connect a serial device to the computer and capable of transmitting one bit at a time. Serial ports are typically identified on IBM compatible computers as COM (communications) ports. For example, a mouse might be connected to COM1 and a modem to COM2. With the introduction of USB, FireWire, and other faster solutions serial ports are rarely used when compared to how often they've been used in the past. In the picture to the right, is a close up of a DB9 serial port on the back of a computer.

What is USB Port?
A USB port is a standard cable connection interface on personal computers and consumer electronics. USB ports allow stand-alone electronic devices to be connected via cables to a computer (or to each other).USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, an industry standard for short-distance digital data communications. USB allows data to be transferred between devices. USB ports can also supply electric power across the cable to devices without their own power source.

Demo Description:
The demo shows that the driver for com port and usb port communication for real time monitoring system for an embedded product. The values are read from the com port and then get displayed in the swing based application and various report's are generated in .xls, pdf, cvs, etc. and graphical analysis are performed for the minimum and maximum values.

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