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Supercharge your compost pile's bacteria with a "Drunken Composting " mixture using beer, cola, & ammonia in a 20 gallon hose end sprayer! It turns grass clippings & leaves into useable garden soil in 10-14 days. Your garden vegetables will thrive in this! Use it as a mulch later in the hot growing season AND add it to your garden beds each year! It also makes great compost tea and will feed your plants just what they need.

Note: If you're composting hot or high nitrogen items like chicken manure, it will still take a bit longer to render it useable due to the high nitrogen content, but will certainly help break it down too (you could skip the ammonia in THAT case). Thank you for watching!

Visit my blog for more details and where to find a good hose end sprayer, if you can't find one locally: http://reaganite71.blogspot.com/p/drunken-compost-recipe.html

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