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This biryani establishment has been in existence for 40 odd years and the citizens of Mysuru swear by their biryani!

Hotel RRR serves up classic Andhra-style fare with a menu that is limited to about 15 items only! They are most popularly known for their biryani and Andhra style starters that do not skimp on flavour. From robust whole spiced preparations, to an almost numbing but heavenly chilli kick to moist, aromatic biryani, this restaurant serves it all!

In this episode of Gourmet On The Road, Food Lovers’ Editor Kripal Amanna starts his meal here with the Chilli Chicken and Mutton Pepper Fry. He also savours both the Chicken and Mutton Biryani here.

Chilli chicken
The chicken is tender and juicy, having soaked up that fiery chilli gravy. A squeeze of lemon helps tone down the spice slightly.
Rs. 181.

Mutton pepper fry
This masala is well-roasted, with toasty notes of onion and pepper. The meat has its bite intact. there’s bits of organ meat, and the kidney especially has a nice, briny, meaty flavour that goes well with the masala.
Rs. 190.

Chicken biryani
Fragrant biryani studded with flecks of tomato and chilli slices. every grain of the basmati rice has soaked in the spice and flavour of the chicken. the slightly tart gravy on the side helps transform the flavours of this mellow biryani.
Rs. 176.

Mutton biryani
Has similar spicing to the chicken biryani but feels a little more moist thanks to the juices of the mutton! every bite is flavourful. You can taste the flavour of the tender meat and the fat that has rendered into the rice.
Rs. 195.
ADDRESS - Hotel RRR, Gandhi Square, Near, Mahatma Gandhi Statue, Lashkar Mohalla, Chamrajpura, Mysuru, Karnataka 570 001
LOCATION TAG - https://goo.gl/maps/YevqsyLMv6SUhko79

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