J'ai un peu craqué sur cette vidéo et plutôt qu'un simple lien, j'ai préféré la partager. Un post de ---------- 77svoboda ---------------le 29 août 2011 et qui à l'air de s'y connaitre en la matière. Si vous aimez cette vidéo, allez voir sa page, car "qualité" est son adage, semble t-il :) Des vidéos de 1h30 etc..J'espère que ca vous fera autan de bien qu'à moi :)))

Votez, partager...PEACE

"Zen" means "to think about anything" and "arrive at the contemplation of". The purpose of the mini-garden of Zen is to give you the "feeling of the moment", freeing up mind from life's fleeting domestic troubles.
According to Eastern philosophy Buddhism, Zen Garden is quintessence symbolizes the excitement and serenity that can give a sense of grandeur to the practicing and the balance through the contemplation of stones and sculptures.
It is believed that Zen meditation promotes relaxation and as explained in the modern world - fleeting. Your movements become serene, freeing the mind, giving inspiration and creativity. When contemplating a mini-garden of Zen it is possible to feel a new kind of relaxation that allows you to draw upon the harmony and splendor - and in his heart and in mind.

100 Zen garden scenery with music by Gerald Jay Markoe from the album "Zen meditation" - harp, flute, sacred Tibetan crystal bowls, gongs, synthesizers and the sounds of nature. The perfect movie for relaxation, meditation, contemplation, balance and harmony of nature.

Have a nice viewing;)
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